Kelly Pearce speak about Living with Alopecia

Kelly Pearce speak about Living with Alopecia

Fascinations and brand ambassador, Kelly Pearce, speaks to Sara-Jayne King, Late Nights Show on CapeTalk about Living with Alopecia

Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicle, which is where hair growth begins. The damage to the follicle is usually not permanent. Experts do not know why the immune system attacks the follicles. Alopecia areata is most common in people younger than 20, but children and adults of any age may be affected. Women and men are affected equally.

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Fascinations recently donated to The Look Good…Feel Better Foundation

Fascinations recently donated to The Look Good…Feel Better Foundation which caters for women battling the disease of cancer with the specific focus on the emotional and social well-being of the patient.

“We sincerely appreciate the support received from Fascinations Hair with the donation of a variety of wigs to the value of R 132 760.71, thus enabling us to reach well over the 38 000 South African women with cancer” – Look Good. Feel Better

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Self-confidence and self-esteem can be at an all time low, especially after suffering hair loss, pale or sallow complexion, uneven skin tone etc.

Specially trained volunteer beauty professionals guide patients through the 12 step skin care and make up regime with each woman using her gift of products which she takes home to practice to make the very best of her appearance.

These hands on sessions provide patients with the opportunity to forget about their illness and enjoy a time of pampering, fun and laughter. They meet and share with others going through similar experiences and, most importantly, look and feel fabulous when they leave the session.

And when a woman takes control of looking good, something wonderful happens …. She feels better too!

Over 37 600 woman cancer patients have now attended a Look Good…Feel Better workshop at one of the 36 venues in 7 major cities in South Africa since the programme began in 2004

fascinations recently donated to the look good feel better foundation
Look Good…Feel Better is like make over for
the spirit and that is a beautiful thing



Time passes faster and faster, but with every project we always want to find the next challenge and the next challenge is just as exciting as the previous one.


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Fascinations Hair was started by John Reynolds in 1969. What started out in a small pharmacy in Epping and has since grown into an International brand found worldwide.
John Reynolds transferred his operations to the United States in 1984 and continued to grow Jon Renau as a family endeavour. Both son’s Paul Reynolds and Garron Reynolds have had success with the alternative hair industry.

The Jon Renau collection boasts over 125 different styles and over 100 salon inspired colours, giving women the freedom to choose.

Celebrated throughout the industry for their fantastic colour selection and attention to detail, they strive to provide the finest quality, the best value and the highest customer satisfaction.

easihair pro are educators of well-designed, consistent, quality hair amplification systems, including top of the head solutions.

Fascinations Hair is run by Garron Reynolds in South Africa and distributes both Jon Renau and easihair pro to customers, agents and salons nationwide. Fascinations has always cared deeply, about their customers’ well-being and is the renowned destination for hair in South Africa.




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The Hair We Wear By Jennie

The Hair We Wear By Jennie

This month we asked our end wearer Jennie to share her story with us is Fascinations Hair

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Tell us a little about yourself
 I have had alopecia for over 15 years. I lost all of my hair about a year ago. Before losing all of my hair I just had patchy hair loss which I covered with careful styling, hair extensions, and/or headbands. I even would glue hair to my bald scalp in places. Injections worked for a while but they were painful, stressful, and didn’t prevent new spots from appearing. Buying my first Jon Renau wig made me confident enough to stop covering the inevitable and let nature do its thing.

How long have you been wearing wigs and Jon Renau for?
 I’ve been wearing Jon Renau for about a year. My first Jon Renau was Kristen, quickly followed with Zara. Now I have 2 Scarlett’s, Heidi, Ignite, Haute, and Nita! People ask me all the time who does my hair because it’s so beautiful. I love the reaction on their faces when I tell them it’s a Jon Renau wig.

What do you love about our brand?
Jon Renau’s lace front is unbelievable. It makes me feel so comfortable knowing that people really can’t tell I’m wearing a wig. The Jon Renau line also comes in great styles and price points that fit my budget so I can look great and change up my style without breaking the bank.

What advice would you give to a new wig wearer?
 For someone who is wearing wigs for the first time I say have fun with it! If at all possible go with a good friend you trust and try a bunch on. Enjoy the process of finding what is best for you and reach out to others who are also wig wearers. Instagram has been so great for me because I connect with other ladies facing the same challenges as me. Most importantly, don’t take yourself or your hair too seriously. If you’re confident that’s all people are going to notice!


The Hair We Wear by Shannon

The Hair We Wear by Shannon


I’m 33 years old, living in Edmonton, Canada with my husband and our puppy. While I’ve always had really thin hair, my hair loss accelerated at the beginning of 2015 when I stopped taking birth control pills to try and become pregnant. After over a year of not getting a cycle, I was prescribed fertility treatments, which only accelerated my hair loss. I ended up losing around 70% of the hair I once had. It was devastating at first and I went through many nights of crying over my hair loss coupled with not being able to get pregnant. When I found wigs, the worries of my hair loss were resolved.


How long have you been wearing wigs or hairpieces?

I purchased my first wig in early 2016. It was not a Jon Renau wig and while I was thrilled with how much volume and hair this wig had, I did not get a positive first reaction from my mother. That almost ended my journey with wigs altogether, but I wasn’t quite ready to give up. I decided to purchase a Jon Renau Courtney in 4 shortly after as I wanted to try one of the top of the line wigs to see if maybe it would look more realistic. When this wig came, I was hooked. I fell in love instantly with how good my new ‘hair’ looked. It was perfect. Since then, I’ve quickly expanded my collection and now own almost every style and every color Jon Renau makes. I’m hooked! One of my current favorites is Ignite in Shaded Praline. It’s fun, flirty, and so easy to wear. Nearly every time I leave the house in this style, some stranger compliments me on how great my hair looks. After not being able to do much with my real hair for years, I love being able to change my look or color instantly.


alessandra-midnight-cocoa-768x1024What advice would you give to a new wig wearer?

First, make sure that you do your research by watching YouTube videos and reviews. These helped me immensely when I first started.

Second, when your first wig comes, wear it around the house for a few days first. Get comfortable with how it feels on your head and how you look. This way, you won’t be so anxious about going out in the ‘real world’.

And when that day does come that you decide to debut your wig in public, own it. Remember if you believe it looks great and just like your real hair, no one will think twice about it. Confidence in Hair is everything.



What do you love about our brand?

I love that Jon Renau is so easy to put on and go. I don’t need to fuss with these wigs or make modifications to make them ‘work’. I have yet to meet a Jon Renau wig that I didn’t love when I put it on. The styles are up to date and current and the colors are always very well done.

No other wig line give me the confidence to go out in public with the feeling that my hair looks great like Jon Renau gives me. They look so very real.


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