How I have long hair again

How I have long hair again



Let me tell you a little story about myself. I started dyeing my hair when I was 13. I dyed it chocolate brown when I went to high school, and in standard 7 I decided to dye my hair pitch black because I wanted to look like Ashlee Simpson.



I looked like a high school dropout who had dreams of going to beauty school, but couldn’t make it

So from standard 8 onwards I highlighted my hair again, until I went to varsity and the whole cycle started over again. At varsity I dyed it brown, then red, then blonde again.


After that whole debacle I vowed to never go back to brown again.


But of course I never learn from my mistakes, and so at the beginning of March 2015 I dyed my hair brown again because I was tired of regrowth. I was only a brunette for 4 weeks, but I had nearly 90 existential crises before I booked an appointment with Style Bar to take me back to blonde again.


So, you see – I’ve had every hair colour under the sun (even some purple, blue and pink) but I always go back to blonde. It’s just the colour that makes me feel most like Anja.

If I can give you some advice: Think very carefully before changing your hair colour too drastically. Sometimes it works out for the best, and sometimes you find yourself looking at old photos of yourself with sad violin music in the background.

Anyway, I’ve decided to stop experimenting with hair colours (for a while) and start playing with my hair length. At the beginning of the year I cut my hair into a lob, and I still LOVE that style. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in terms of caring for my hair, because I cut all the dead, wispy pieces off and now my hair is thick and healthy.

As much as I love my short hair, I still love change – so when I came across Easihair Pro EasiLengths extensions, I was like: Hmmm… I’d sure like to have Baywatch hair again. (I CAN’T HELP THAT I LIKE TO CHANGE MY HAIR SO MUCH, OKAY!)

And with the help of Style Bar and Easihair Pro, that’s exactly what I got. Just look at how natural my hair looks!


You probably have a billion questions, so let me answer them for you.

What is Easihair Pro?

EasiLengths tape hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, constructed using wafer thin polyurethane wefted panels, which are applied using medical grade adhesive tape that is safe and secure. It is available in almost any hair colour in 12″, 16″ and 20″ inch. Best of all? It’s reusable!

Can I apply and remove it myself?

No, it’s recommended that you have everything done professionally. I had mine done at Style Bar, and that’s why it’s so natural. The stylist matched my hair colour after she did my highlights, and then she ordered the extensions. I only had them put in a week later, and I’m super grateful I did it this way, because now I can flip my hair back-and-forth confidently.

But, like, isn’t it uncomfortable?

Okay, real talk: The first day of having them in, I was so freaked out. I was hyper aware of them, and kept panicking that other people could see them too. But I was being a weirdo over nothing, because NOBODY could see it – all they saw was babely long hair. And as far as being uncomfortable goes, yes – the first night was strange. But then by the second night I was sleeping starfish with my mouth open again.

Can I still wear my hair up when I’m lazy?

Here’s how I choose hairstyle:

Will I have to wake up earlier to do it?


Then no. It’s not happening.

So the first question I asked when getting these extensions was whether I’d be able to wear it in a ponytail or plait when I’m lazy. AND I CAN! Whaduuuuup! Just ask your stylist to place it strategically – my stylist at Style Bar did it so that I can still wear my hair up. Bless her for understanding my laziness!

Where can I get it, and how long does it take to put it in?

Mine was done at the Style Bar at Deville Centre in Durbanville. I’d suggest you contact a Easihair Pro directly to find out which salon in your area does it. Contact number: 021 511 5868

And it only takes about an hour to apply the extensions, I had a nice cup of coffee and a Twitter stalk session while they did mine.

How do I take care of the extensions once they’re in?

– Don’t get them wet for at least 48 hours after application

– Always apply conditioner from the middle of your hair shaft down – keep it away from your roots

– You will probably flat iron or curl your extensions to help blend them in. Always use moderate heat settings and a heat protect spray.

– Sleeping with your extensions in pig tails will help preserve the hair quality.


How much does it cost?

When you buy these extensions, you are buying them for the long term – not just to wear out for a night. They’re completely reusable, so your stylist can reapply them every time you go for a hair colour touch-up. Extensions are an investment – you’ll have to love and take care of them as such. If you do, you’ll have beautifully silky, long hair for a long time!



12 inch

Price per box: R1300

16 inch

Price per box: R2300

20 inch

Price per box: R3000

Just keep in mind that you won’t be using only one box – I have 3 boxes of 12 inch extensions in my hair.

Once you have your extensions you only have to worry about the following prices for the next few months/years that you wear your extensions:

Application per box: R400

Removal per box: R200

These prices include a wash and blowdry at Style Bar.

I’m so chuffed with my hair, and I’m so grateful to Easihair Pro and Style Bar for giving me Baywatch hair! I’m going to have so much fun playing with this hair – keep an eye on my blog, I have lots of fun posts coming up!






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I’ve been a hair extension specialist for over 10 years and have used many methods from many companies and easiLengths tape in hair extensions are the best method from quality, to performance to re usability to comfort. Their education is like nothing I’ve ever experienced; I cannot say enough about team ehp!


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2016 is over and we would like to take a look at the beautiful stories our wig wearers shared with us in the past year. Thank you so much for opening up about your experiences and allowing us to share them with the world. 



18 months ago I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. Following the devastation of losing all my hair including my eyebrows and lashes, I then developed Atopic Eczema over 90% of my body. These were hugely dark and life altering times for me and at my lowest points I felt it was very hard for me to live. A woman’s hair is something that is an enormous part of her beauty, character, identity, femininity and essential for some camouflage” – Vanessa




If I had to offer advice to anyone thinking about buying a wig I would say – try before you buy!  Find a good stocklist and work out what style you feel comfortable with (or even range of styles – don’t be afraid to have new looks!).  Once you get past the initial fear of wearing a wig it can be so much fun – let’s face it, how else could you get a perfect head of hair, a new look, salon style and color in a length and shape of your choice? ” – Kellie





The only thing that matters to me right now is that I am comfortable with the way I look and the person I am. I wasted too many years of my life concerned about what someone would think of me if I revealed my secret that I was wearing wigs. Those were years where I didn’t do sports, didn’t go swimming, didn’t dance, and panicked every time the doorbell rang and my wig wasn’t on my head. I am a much happier person with my secret out there and it has given me the ability to be someone different every day. How great is that?!” – Amanda






My advice for a new wig wearer would be to allow yourself time to adjust. Give yourself a break and then become whoever you want to be! Jon Renau wigs will give you your confidence back and with their huge selection of wigs and colors you can become a new woman every day of the week!” – Nellie









Don’t hold on to the old you! Let it go. Even if your hair comes back, the experience you had have changed you anyways! Don’t waste your energy trying to look like you used to look before. You are wasting your time! Take the chance and all your energy to create something new, to find your peace with this situation. And if people look at you, look back at them and smile. It will make you happier than you were before!” – Maja






I have had alopecia for over 15 years. I lost all of my hair about a year ago. Before losing all of my hair I just had patchy hair loss which I covered with careful styling, hair extensions, and/or headbands. I even would glue hair to my bald scalp in places. Injections worked for a while but they were painful, stressful, and didn’t prevent new spots from appearing. Buying my first Jon Renau wig made me confident enough to stop covering the inevitable and let nature do its thing” – Jennie







I think that for anyone in a situation like mine, where a wig is a necessity rather than a choice, it takes some getting used to and you have to find your own way with it. Try as many as you can, but I am a HUGE advocate of the lace front, specifically Jon Renau!” – Jaime









I have been wearing wigs on and off throughout my hair loss years. My very first wig when I was 11 was hideous!! I am so glad that over the years wigs have improved so much and are an absolute joy to wear! I love changing my look every day, although sometimes I just can’t decide who I’m going to be….blonde bombshell or fiery redhead, long, short, straight or curly!” – Carly




I started to first lose my hair a year ago but was officially diagnosed with alopecia areata in February of this year. I lost my hair very fast and it was very overwhelming. I remember handfuls of hair and just crying in panic and fear. Finally making the decision to shave the rest of my hair off and start to wear wigs was daunting at first but ended up being the best decision I could have made” – Shelly


When I went to my first doctor’s visit, I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. I was very conflicted.  So thankful my diagnosis wasn’t life threatening.  Yet with every handful that fell out, I mourned the loss of me.  Losing my eyebrows and eyelashes was by far the most painful emotionally.  I truly felt like an alien.  I got to the point where I only had a few stragglers on my head, which looked like straw … yellow and dead.  I had my husband shave the last little bit off.  I wanted the loss to stop.  He shaved his head as well.  We celebrated the new Me! Bare, bold and beautiful!” – Lori




While I’ve always had really thin hair, my hair loss accelerated at the beginning of 2015 when I stopped taking birth control pills to try and become pregnant. After over a year of not getting a cycle, I was prescribed fertility treatments, which only accelerated my hair loss. I ended up losing around 70% of the hair I once had. It was devastating at first and I went through many nights of crying over my hair loss coupled with not being able to get pregnant. When I found wigs, the worries of my hair loss were resolved” – Shannon



When frizzing is mild, use a professional flat iron with a digital temperature setting at 270-280°F to smooth the fiber.

If frizzing is excessive, use the Jon Renau Steamer to steam and smooth the fiber, followed by a flat iron set at 270-280°F.

PRO TIP: Most wig shops offer steaming as a service


Ensure you perform a daily care routine. Check the nape area & ends for signs of frizzing. At the first sign of frizzing, use a flat iron to smooth the area. You can find more information HERE

Tools for daily HD care

Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb will detangle the fiber without causing tension and damage to the fiber

HD Smooth Detangler will keep the fiber smooth and protect from tangling

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