Today, there are so many people that suffer from hair loss. It is not something to be ashamed of and it is normal for anyone to feel self-conscious about their appearance when they lose their hair. Hair loss can happen at any age, but typically it’s most common in women after menopause because the body produces less estrogen which can lead to thinning or balding of the scalp over time. We have a number of women who come into our wig showroom with fears about how they will look after losing their hair and we want them to know that we have wigs for every occasion! Wearing a wig can give you confidence and make you feel like yourself again. A visit to our Wig Showroom in Cape Town could be just what you need!

Time passes faster and faster, but with every project we always want to find the next challenge and the next challenge is just as exciting as the previous one.


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Fascinations Hair was started by John Reynolds in 1969. What started out in a small pharmacy in Epping and has since grown into an International brand found worldwide.
John Reynolds transferred his operations to the United States in 1984 and continued to grow Jon Renau as a family endeavour. Both son’s Paul Reynolds and Garron Reynolds have had success with the alternative hair industry.

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The Jon Renau collection boasts over 125 different styles and over 100 salon-inspired colours, giving women the freedom to choose.

Celebrated throughout the industry for their fantastic colour selection and attention to detail, they strive to provide the finest quality, the best value, and the highest customer satisfaction.

easihair pro are educators of well-designed, consistent, quality hair amplification systems, including top-of-the-head solutions.

Fascinations Hair is run by Garron Reynolds in South Africa and distributes both Jon Renau and easihair pro to customers, agents and salons nationwide. Fascinations have always cared deeply, about their customers’ well-being and are the renowned destination for hair in South Africa.



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