Easihair pro tape in extensions is exclusively distributed by Fascinations Hair in South Africa. We are dedicated to offering salon professionals the highest quality hair extensions. easihair pro is well known for our impressive tape in hair extensions which offer a semi-permanent solution for women looking to add volume and length into their hair. Our tape in hair extensions are a popular option that will give your clients the thick, lustrous look they want in their hair. All of our hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. This makes it easy for both stylists and their clients to style and maintain.

Easilenghts by Easihair Pro
Easilenghts are the best human hair extensions available
Wide Variety of Easilenghts Colours for your clients


We understand that tape in hair extensions should be comfortable, undetectable, and natural. Made with 100% Cuticle Intact Remy Human Hair, easihair pro tape in extensions are suitable for women with thin to medium texture/density. easihair pro tape in extensions can add length, volume and chemical-free color without any damage to your natural hair and can be applied in 60 minutes or less. They are easy to apply and your clients will be able to maintain and style them as they would their own hair.

We recommend that your clients come in for professional maintenance and upkeep of their extensions every 5-8 weeks. This will ensure that the extensions are properly and safely removed and reapplied.

Lengths: 12″, 16″, and 20″

Contains: 2″ Wefted Panels

Average Product Life:
Two or More Applications When Maintained Correctly (6-month manufacturer warranty)

Education Required: Yes, please email info@easihairpro.co.za

We offer a variety of colors ranging from silky, light blond to deep, rich black and all of the reds and browns in between. Since we have such a wide range, you should be able to find the right color to blend with your clients’ hair. Since our extensions are made from 100% human hair, you can color them just as you would color your clients’ hair.

Box of Pre Coloured Human Hair Tape in Extensions by Easi Hair Pro


When your clients want a burst of color in their hair, you can make it possible with our tape in extensions. Hair dye can often damage your clients’ hair, with our extensions, your clients can get the bright, cool colors that they want without damaging their hair. Your clients will love the effect that our extensions have in their hair.

Lengths: 16″

Contains: Four 2″ Panels

Average Product Life:
Two or More Applications When Maintained Correctly (6-month manufacturer warranty)

Education Required: Yes, please email info@easihairpro.co.za

Give your clients a little bit of a wilder look with our bright colored tape in hair extensions. These are a semi permanent option to give your clients a colorful look without damaging their hair with hair dye. Whether they want our Blueberry, Red Hot, or Grape Jelly, we have the colors to create an edgy or brilliant look that your clients will love. Take a look at all the bright colors that your clients will love to apply into their hair.

Easihair Pro Pre Coloured Human Hair Tape in Extensions
The new easihair pro logo



We offer all the products you need for application, removal, and reapplication of our hair extensions. We also offer all the hair products your clients need to properly maintain their extensions in between appointments. Our maintenance products are salon quality and can be used to care for your clients’ natural hair as well as their extensions. Your clients will love how their hair and extensions look and feel after using our products. Take a look at all of the hair products we have available to salons.

Leave-In Conditioner – Nourishment for Your Hair Extensions

easihair pro’s leave-in conditioner is a lightweight hair repair solution that will leave your hair feeling soft, silky and smooth. This unique formulation was designed to actually treat damaged hair as opposed to just coating the hair shaft with silicones that only mask damage. Leave-in conditioner infuses vital nutrients into damaged hair and is a must-have product for every client, whether they wear extensions or not!

Easihair Pro Leave in Conditioner

Heat Treat + Shine – Heat Protectant

Heat Treat + Shine adds incredible shine while protecting your hair from thermal damage caused by blow dryers and hot tools. Also, strengthens and thickens your hair while taming unwanted flyaways.

Easihair Pro - Heat Protect and Shine Spray

Hair Extension Shampoo (250ml) – Keeping Your Hair and Extensions Clean

Created with all hair types in mind, our lightweight formulation will protect every easihair pro application, while prolonging elasticity and vibrancy of hair. Cleanse your hair and remove product buildup, while restoring natural shine, movement, and overall manageability.

Bottle of Easihair Pro hair extension shampoo for human hair

Hair Extension Shampoo (1ltr) – Keeping Them Clean

Created with all hair types in mind, our lightweight formulation will protect every easihair pro application, while prolonging elasticity and vibrancy of hair. Cleanse your hair and remove product buildup, while restoring natural shine, movement, and overall manageability.

100ml of Easihair Pro Extension shampoo for human hair

Clarifying Shampoo – Treatment for Your Hair and Extensions

Clarify is a gentle, yet extremely effective shampoo for all hair types. Our deep cleansing formula is designed to remove styling product buildup, residue and oils from hair. Clarify is a must when preparing hair for a secure application of easilengths tape in extensions.

Easihair Pro CLARIFYING SHAMPOO for human hair extensions

Wet & Dry Detangling Brush – Keeping Your Hair Detangled and Soft

Our unique bristles gently detangles the hair without compromising the bonds of the extensions. The Wet/Dry Detangling Brush is suitable for all clients. With this brush, your clients can brush their hair from root to tip without needing to worry about the bonds.

Hair Extension Detangling Brush by Easihair Pro

Premium Boar Detangling Brush – Reduce Frizz and Detangle

Our easihair pro Premium Boar Detangling Brush is suitable for all clients and hair types for use on dry hair with or without extensions. The unique nylon + boar bristles gently stimulate the scalp, as it reduces frizz and detangles without compromising the integrity of the hair extension panels as you brush from root to end – Keep one in your vanity, and one in your bag. You’ll love how great this brush feels and how incredible your hair looks.

Wet and Dry Brush for Human Hair Extension by Easihair Pro

Hair Insurance Kit – Making Maintenance Easier

The perfect take home kit for your clients to maintain their easihair pro tape in extensions (Hair Extension Shampoo, Heat Treat + Shine, Leave-in Conditioner, and Wet Dry Detangling Brush).

The Ultimate Hair Care kit for Easihair Pro Human Hair Extensions

Premium Hair Insurance Kit – Hair Maintenance Set

The perfect premium take home kit for your clients to maintain their easihair pro tape in extensions.

*Premium Boar Bristle Brush, Leave-In Conditioner, Rush & Brush (talc-free dry shampoo), Heat Treat +Shine, Wet / Dry Detangling Brush and Hair Extension Shampoo.

The Ultimate Easihair Pro Human Extensions care kit

Rush and Brush – Dry Shampoo for Hair Extensions

Rush & Brush is the perfect retail item for any salon and a great add-on to any salon service. This keratin infused dry shampoo revitalizes hair in seconds while moisturizing, repairing, volumizing, and strengthening. Rush & Brush is paraben free, chloride free, and sulfate free—a high quality product at a great value. It’s also talc free and color free, so no need to worry about visible residue if you have darker hair. Perfect for conveniently adding natural texture or refreshing your hair when you’re in a rush! This is a 7oz bottle, 2oz more than standard dry shampoo.

The Ultimate Dry Shampoo for Human Hair Tape in Extensions


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Hair Extension Shampoo and Conditioner by easihair pro

Since 2001 easihair pro has been committed to providing salons with beautiful options for tape-in hair extensions. easihair pro is made with 100% real Remy...


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Since 2001 easihair pro has been committed to providing salons with beautiful options for tape-in hair extensions. Easihair pro is made with 100% real Remy human hair, ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting and durable style and is now available in South Africa.

how we made a difference FOR Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breats Cancer Awareness Month this October, easihair pro will be donating proceeds from each box of pink ‘Bubble Gum’ extensions bought to the local Look Good Feel Good Foundation who help women facing the trauma and stress of cancer, assisting them to overcome the distressing appearance-related side effects of their treatment.


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