Do you wear a wig? If so, have you noticed your heat-resistant wig frizzing? Sometimes the hair just doesn’t look right and it can be difficult to tame. Here are some tips and tricks for when this happens!
1) Try using a flat iron or a curling iron on low heat. This will help smooth out any frizzy strands of hair without causing damage.
2) When air drying your wig, try putting it in a braid or bun after washing to give it extra volume until it’s dry, and then take them down as soon as they’re dry.
3) Avoid styling products with alcohol in them.

This can cause the hair to become brittle which leads to more breakage over. When frizzing is mild, use a professional flat iron with a digital temperature setting at 135 – 140°C to smooth the fibre.

If frizzing is excessive, use the Jon Renau Wig Steamer to steam and smooth the fiber, followed by a flat iron set at 135 – 140°C.

care products to prevent frizzing on wigs and hair toppers
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Ensure you perform a daily care routine. Check the nape area & ends for signs of frizzing.
At the first sign of frizzing, use a flat iron to smooth the area.

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How to cure A FRIZZING wig?

Watch our video to learn how to prevent wig frizzing and keep your hair looking great! The team at has created a fun, educational video below that will teach you some tips on how to prevent frizzing in your wig. Whether you wear wigs for fashion or as an everyday solution for hair loss, these tips will help extend the life of your favorite accessory!

Watch our Video on Wig Frizzing

Tools to USE THAT prevent A wig from frizzing

Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb will detangle the fibre without causing tension and damage to the fibre.
HD Smooth Detangler will keep the fibre smooth and protect it from tangling

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