Kelly Pearce speak about Living with Alopecia

Kelly Pearce speak about Living with Alopecia

It’s time to start living again. You are not the only one who has this disease, And if you are reading this blog post then chances are that it is something that you have been dealing with for a while now too. You may have come across other people who don’t know what Alopecia Areata is, or they might even be insensitive about the subject matter when talking to you about your hair loss condition. It’s a difficult thing living with alopecia, But there are ways in which you can cope with your new life.

Fascinations and brand ambassador, Kelly Pearce, speaks to Sara-Jayne King,
Late Nights Show on CapeTalk about Living with Alopecia.

Kelly showing her bald head caused by her Alopecia Areata
Kelly Showing her complete hair loss

What is alopecia areata

Alopecia Areata is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicle, Which is where hair growth begins. The damage to the follicle is usually not permanent. Experts do not know why the immune system attacks the follicles. Alopecia areata is most common in people younger than 20, but children and adults of any age may be affected. Women and men are affected equally.

what causes alopecia areata

It can be caused by the body’s immune system attacking its own hair follicles in response to an infection, injury, or another type of stress. Alopecia Areata is not contagious and doesn’t affect one’s health in any way. The most important thing for people with alopecia areata is to continue their daily life as normal and seek support from loved ones and friends who will help them through this difficult time.

Kelly Pearse on Social Media

We know that Kelly would love you to follow her journey about living with alopecia.
Listen to her story below as we know this is something you can also relate by living with alopecia.

Kelly says the following about living with alopecia

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. Be the kind of #leader that you would want to follow, take charge??

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Fascinations recently donated to The Look Good Feel Better Foundation

Fascinations recently donated to The Look Good Feel Better Foundation

Fascinations Hair recently donated to The Look Good Feel Better Foundation which caters to women battling hair loss caused by cancer with a specific focus on the emotional and social well-being of the patient.

Wigs Fascinations Hair Donated to the Look Good Feel Good Foundation

What the look good feel good foundation said

“We sincerely appreciate the support received from Fascinations Hair with the donation of a variety of wigs to the value of R 132 760.71, thus enabling us to reach well over the 38 000 South African women with cancer” – Look Good Feel Better Foundation

From Look good feel good

About this amazing non-profit

Self-confidence and self-esteem can be at an all-time low, especially after suffering hair loss, pale or sallow complexion, uneven skin tone, etc.

Specially trained volunteer beauty professionals guide patients through the 12 step skincare and make-up regime with each woman using her gift of products which she takes home to practice to make the very best of her appearance.

These hands-on sessions provide patients with the opportunity to forget about their illness and enjoy a time of pampering, fun, and laughter. They meet and share with others going through similar experiences and, most importantly, look and feel fabulous when they leave the session.

And when a woman takes control of looking good, something wonderful happens …. She feels better too!

how many cancer patients have we helped

Over 37 600 woman cancer patients have now attended an LGFB workshop at one of the 36 venues in 7 major cities in South Africa.
Since the program began in 2004.


Look Good Feel Better is like a makeover for the spirit and that is a beautiful thing.

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Gail’s Hair Loss Story

Gail’s Hair Loss Story

Fascinations speaks to Gail Roux about her hair loss story along with her experience and how she deals with life without hair! Gail’s friend won our Marie Claire competition last year and gave her the prize of a wig. Here is Gail’s heartfelt story…

Lady sharing her hair loss story so that other women dont feel alone

During June 2017 one morning when I combed my hair I noticed an unusual amount of hair remained in the comb. When this happened the next morning and the next I thought it was rather peculiar and started gathering the hair in a plastic bag to monitor things and experiencing during my hair loss story.  I was sitting on the couch in our lounge and my partner was standing behind me and said I have 2 bald spots on my head. As I could not see on top of my head I asked her to take a photo with her phone so I could see.  I was gobsmacked when indeed there were 2 bald spots. We then knew something weird was going on and started watching the situation closely. We took weekly photos as that is how fast the hair was falling out!

I started telling friends and acquaintances my hair was falling out and each came up with a different remedy to use.  I was rubbing natural hair growth remedies on my head daily and using special shampoo’s I bought at the local health pharmacy.  I was then told to use a mixture of Bay Rum, placenta and bergamot. I didn’t use this concoction for very long as it was very oily and made my hair look even worse!

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

Eventually, it came time to go see the doctor to find out what was going on.  A blood test was done and I was told I had a Vitamin D deficiency. I was prescribed 50,000 unit Vitamin D tablets to take once a week and instructed to go buy stem cells at a hairdresser in Franschhoek and use it for 3 months.  Off to Franschhoek we went – where I bought the stem cells for hair growth costing R1,800 and was told to rub it onto my head twice a day. By this time I had a huge bald patch behind my right ear. As my hair was quite long it actually looked terrible so I asked the hairdresser if she would cut it for me as well.  Off we went with my new haircut the stem cells. I used it religiously, twice a day, however, no hair was forthcoming and still, it was falling out radically. By the middle of July, I was practically totally bald. I was devastated!

My Hair Loss Story Continues

The stem cells did not seem to be working and as money was tight, I decided I was not spending another almost R4,000 for another 2 month’s supply.  Everyone was telling me to shave it off whilst I was trying to hold onto every last hair I had. Eventually, we went and bought a shaver, but I could not get it over my heart to shave it totally so we did a number 4 shave.  As you will see in the photos, there was very little hair and this eventually also fell out until there was nothing left.

During this whole process, I was doing a huge amount of research on hair loss on the Internet trying to find a solution.  My pharmacist kept on telling me to go see a dermatologist. She said she had a client who also lost a patch of hair and the dermatologist gave her steroid injections and it grew back.  I thought this was not going to work for me as all my hair was gone, not just a patch and it would cost a fortune to inject steroids into my whole head. I eventually decided I would go see a homeopath.  He said it impossible living in South Africa having a Vitamin D deficiency, the South Pole, yes, but not here. Cost for homeopath consultation with the medicine was around R1,800 a month and I was diagnosed with adrenal gland stress.

Starting Menopause

I was also told I am stressed and starting menopause.  I was told to continue with the medicine and I should start seeing stubbles coming out in 4 months.  I used the medicine for 3 months and when I returned for a follow-up appointment was told that my immune system is battling and was prescribed prednisone to use daily and Elocon lotion to rub on my head.  As these were both cortisone based products I was not happy but did as I was told. I once again researched adrenal gland stress on the Internet and picked up it has to do with your endocrine system. Our medical expenses were escalating and as I knew it was going to cost us, even more, to find out what is wrong with me I tried to claim from my severe illness benefits.  As I only saw a homeopath I was instructed to see a specialist. I Googled endocrinologists and found one in Cape Town. I emailed him first to tell him my story and hear if he could help me. He was not happy that I was on prednisone so I stopped using it and made an appointment to see him in 2 weeks. So off I went to Cape Town to see the endocrinologist at a consultation fee of R1,700.   


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Seriously, Blood Tests now for my Hair Loss Story


He did blood tests, which in total cost around R4,000. It showed that there was a problem with my cortisol levels. He said this could have been as a result of me using the prednisone. A few weeks later I had another blood test where he advised that my cortisol levels were fine. He said I have an autoimmune disorder. He tested me for 2, one of which was Lupus – that came back negative. To test me for the whole spectrum would have cost a fortune, which we could not afford so I decided to leave it.  He further told me that I had scarred alopecia and that my hair will never grow back and suggested I see a dermatologist. At this stage, our total costs pertaining to my hair loss were hitting R22,000, which was a huge strain on our finances. Furthermore, as I was not able to get a proper diagnosis I was not able to claim from my severe illness benefit. I found this bizarre as I needed the money to find out what is wrong with me. There was nothing further I could do, so bald I was and this is my hair loss story.

Gail hair loss story with Fascinations in Cape TownIt really freaked me out that I got diagnosed with Alopecia. Alopecia is not what caused my hair loss story. It amazes me that you pay so much money for medical advice, yet no one to date has been able to tell me why I lost my hair.  Also that I was so misdiagnosed! Furthermore, I then started noticing that my eyebrows were getting extremely thin and my top eyelashes were disappearing. I eventually only had a few eyebrow hairs left and this looked really weird so I had them microbladed and bought false eyelashes.  The microblading was uncomfortable and painful but you want to look better so you endure it. False eyelashes are not a joke. I really battled with them. It would take me about a half an hour to get just one on. Once I had them on it looked really nice.

The last thing I was advised to rub on my head was organic castor oil and this I used for 3 months.  I used it daily and also rubbed it onto my eyebrows and eyelashes. I am now using pomegranate oil. The most bizarre thing of all is that every now and again I feel a hair or two on my head and then it is not long and they are gone again.

It is not a pleasant hair loss story and journey that I have gone through the past year.  It totally changes your life. I became a recluse, not wanting to go anywhere and just staying at home.  You become depressed and don’t feel like doing anything. Thoughts of suicide start going through your mind and you feel like you don’t even want to live anymore.  Total despair! I lost interest in going to the gym and I was an absolute gym fanatic. I would hide away behind my peak caps if I did go out. Eventually, I got the guts to walk around bald.  I was amazed at how many people would stop me and tell me what a beautiful scalp I have and how awesome I look. It was nice to hear, but I still wish I could have my hair back. Another bizarre thing is that I only lost my head hair, my eyebrows, my TOP eyelashes and my forearm hair.  All other body hair I still have.

My Friend Won a Wig for Me

My friend Elize sent me a WhatsApp a few months ago asking if I will wear a wig.  I told her no as I am not into false things. When I saw her in April at a friend’s birthday party she told me that she entered a competition with me in mind and won a wig! I then thought okay let’s give this a try. She forwarded me the email from Margaux at Fascinations Hair with all of the details. I could choose any HD wig to the value of R5,000.  I made an appointment with Jeanette, the consultant at Fascinations. My step-sister went with me. She was amazed at how natural it looks. I was laughing so much I could not believe it.  I chose the wig I wanted. As it was under R5,000 Jeanette added a wig stand and a few small items to fill the amount. She was very friendly and helpful as well as the other ladies in the office.  It was a real pleasure to have dealt with Fascinations. I felt welcome and at home and finally completed my hair loss story. 

 Thank you for the good work you do to help us!

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      Wigs are an investment, rather than one-off wear, and chuck it when it looks shabby! It is important to care for your wig to increase its longevity! Here are a few tips and awesome products that will assist to care for your wig.

      Firstly, the care and maintenance methods depend on what type of wig you have. Is it synthetic, heat defiant or human hair?

      Caring for your synthetic wig:

      1. Be gentle when you brush your wig. Rather use a special brush over a regular hairbrush. And don’t brush it too often. You can find the perfect Jon Renau Paddle Wig brush for your wig at
      2. Try not to wear your wig when you are sitting at home. Pop it on your wig stand and let it have a rest. If you feel naked or cold without your wig on, try some of these gorgeous turbans, wraps, hats or softies from our Headwear Collection.
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      Heat resistant synthetic fiber is available in full and partial systems (wigs and toppers) in our Heat Defiant (HD) Collections at This type of fiber can tangle and frizz easily. It is important to remedy any tangling daily.

      1. At the end of every wear, place your heat-resistant wig/ topper on its block.
      2. Use the HD Smooth Detangler in the nape area and/or the ends. This product is recommended for daily use. It is important to stay away from all hand-tied areas of the cap; conditioners, detanglers, and oil-based products will loosen the hand-tied knots, causing hair loss in the system.
      3. Only use your Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb to gently remove any tangles; always comb starting at the bottom and work your way up through the hair length.
      4. These wigs need heat to smooth the frizzing. Use your flat iron to apply heat to smooth out the ends. This will ensure its longevity.


      A step by step guide on how to care for your wig

      Caring for your human hair wig:

      1. Take your wig off and place it on its block when you are not wearing it. It is recommended to wash your human hair wig every 6-8 wears.
      2. Wash the wig with cool to lukewarm water and your favorite Jon Renau wig care shampoo and conditioner. Take care when towel drying the wig, blot it gently and do not wring it out.
      3. Place your wig on its block and blow it out with our specially formulated Jon Renau Blown Away Balm.
      4. Speak to any of our EasiHair Pro Salons / Jon Renau stockists, who are trained to help you care for your wig/ topper. Your local stylist can be found using our online locator.

      A healthy-looking wig starts with proper care. Our wig shampoos and conditioners, styling products, brushes, wig liners, and adhesives are engineered to ensure the prolonged life of your wigs and hairpieces.

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