Dry Shampoo for Synthetic Hair Wigs and Toppers

Dry Shampoo for Synthetic Hair Wigs and Toppers

Without a doubt, dry shampoo is a necessary part of any busy woman’s beauty routine. However, some products can be too heavy or leave an unpleasant residue on your scalp. Therefore, the Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo has been designed to provide you with all three essential features in one easy-to-use container! Finally, a product that works as an absorbent powder that locks moisture into your hair for extra volume without adding weight.

Bottle of dry shampoo and care products for synthetic hair

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Indeed, Pick Me Up dry shampoo will add volume and life to second-day hair without giving it that gritty, unwanted texture other shampoos often cause.
Furthermore, our lightweight formula can create a body without weighing down or taking away from your healthy-looking locks!

Lady spraying dry shampoo into her hair

Unquestionable, this Dry Shampoo is an ideal solution for those who want to have clean hair, but also need some extra volume.
It will also help reduce shine in your synthetic wig or toppings without making them look flat and oily with a lack of body!

Pick me up shampoo for wigs by Jon Renau South Africa

Apart from this, use Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo on your wig or hair topper, but don’t think of it as an alternative for washing.
The product coats the fibre with each use so we still recommend washing every 6-8 wears. Otherwise, there will be buildup!

Two women taking a hair topper consultation

3 Uses for Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo!

1: Adds Instant Volume:

Get that full, natural-looking hair you’ve always wanted with the voluminous boost! Simply spray and evenly distribute all over for a salon finish.

2: Adds extra Security when Wearing your Hairpiece

Spray a bit around the area where you clip in your easiPieces or topper for added security!⁠

3: Reduces Unwanted Shine

This is the perfect solution for reducing shine in synthetic wigs and toppers! Spray this dry shampoo evenly throughout your hair, then comb through gently. You’ll be surprised by how much more manageable your hair becomes when you’re done applying.

How to Use Dry Shampoo on Wigs 

This dry shampoo volumizes fine hair by absorbing oils that compress hair at the root and adding micro-texture to each strand, creating lift and body. It also improves grip for clip-in easiPieces and toppers, and tones down the luster of synthetic hair.

How to Use it correctly



Shake PICK ME UP, section and spray four to six inches away from hair. Massage into roots for volume and to remove oil. Smooth hair with your Jon Renau paddle brush or wide tooth comb.


Shake and spray PICK ME UP ten inches away from hair and spray evenly using your JON RENAU WIDE TOOTH COMB to distribute product and remove shine.

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What are the Best Hair Toppers for my Hair Loss

What are the Best Hair Toppers for my Hair Loss

With an extensive selection of hair toppers, Fascinations Hair has something for every stage and type of hair loss for women. From short to long styles that add instant volume. To styles that are made in both synthetic and human hair. There are a lot of different hair toppers out there, but if you’re looking for your first one we recommend visiting us in in-person. A consultation will give you the invaluable opportunity to meet with an alternative hair specialist who can answer all your questions. They will also help you find the right hair topper for your style and type of thinning hair.

Two women taking a hair topper consultation to find the right topper for their hair loss.

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If you would like to select a hair topper for yourself at home, we’ve created 3 easy steps to choosing the right topper style that is made for hair loss.

Details about your Hair Loss


The amount of hair you have can make a world of difference when it comes to getting the right hair replacement system. Not sure what size or type of coverage you need? Simply measure where there is thinning & balding to order the correct product!

Infographic showing the various stages of hair loss in women.

The Best Hair Toppers for Your Area of Hair Loss


Let us know the position of your hair loss or thinning hair so we can suggest the right style that is created just for you.

Infographic showing the various positions and ares of hair loss on your head.

The Best Hair Toppers for your Size of Hair Loss on Your Head

 It is important that the area outside your measurement has a sufficient amount of hair for your topper to attach to.
Include this area with your final measurement to determine the optimal topper base size.

Infographic showing how to measure your area of hair loss.

What is the right hair topper material for me?

When we know your lifestyle and expectations of your topper, then finding out what type of fibre is right for YOU will be easier.

View the chart to learn more about how each fibre can help you maintain your style.

You’ll be able to choose an ideal product for yourself, based on your kind of lifestyle and preferences!

You may be a busy person with very limited time for styling and maintenance.

If this is the case, then we recommend a synthetic material.

Infographic showing the various hair topper materials used and what could be better for you

How to use Hair Toppers?

 Follow these guides on how to use hair toppers, which will help you care and style your hair topper correctly.
Therefore, getting the most out of your new hairpiece.

Dry shampoo for alternative hairpieces

Is Human Hair Better than Synthetic Hair?

 When it comes to looking for the most natural look possible, many women turn towards human hair options.
The reason being is that they offer a wide range of styling options. As well as having the ability to be heat styled into any hairstyle you like.

Various women wearing blonde hairpieces to cover thinning hair

How to Colour Match a Hair Topper Perfectly

 To find the perfect colour to match your hair, you’ll need a ring or swatches from our website. The photos on these pages are meant as an idea of what various shades might look like but they won’t be 100% accurate due to devices’ screens differing in quality and resolution

We do still recommend that you came in for a private fitting to get the perfect colour that will blend into your existing hair perfectly.

The Latest and Best Hair Toppers Styles

When you want to feel like your best self all day long, Jon Renau’s wide variety of high-quality toppers offers a practical, stylish solution.

Designed for those with thinning hair or advanced hair loss stages, they are tailor-made for anyone seeking an extra confidence boost and a natural complement to their everyday look!
Two women with thinning hair wearing the Top Coverage in different colours.

Easipart Medium Hair Topper For Progressive Hair Loss


EasiPart Medium is ideal for those experiencing beginning to mid/progressive hair loss, and want more coverage and volume. This topper features more density, a wider base for more all-over coverage, and larger polyurethane perimeter allowing easier application of Tape ‘N Go or adhesive. Available in 12- and 18-inch lengths.

Lady with hair loss showing before and after images.


EasiPart T is ideal for those experiencing beginning to mid/progressive hair loss, who want more coverage and volume in the crown area. This topper features more density, a wider base for more all-over coverage, and a larger polyurethane perimeter with five strategically placed pressure-sensitive clips that can be removed if Tape ‘N Go or adhesive is applied. Available in 12- and 18-inch lengths.

Lady with thinning hair showing the before and after she wears the Easipart T.

The Latest and Best Hair Toppers for Women

Watch the video below to get an idea of what the best hair toppers look like


Top Coverage is best for those looking for the full coverage of a wig and the natural look of our SmartLace™ design while giving the option to incorporate their own hair into any style. This clip-in synthetic topper is designed for those in the advanced stage of hair loss and creates coverage and volume in seconds. The polyurethane tape in the front and sides allow the clips to be removed and adhesive to be applied. Available in 12- and 18-inch lengths.

Lady with advanced thinning hair showing before and after wearing her top coverage.

TOP COVERAGE WAVY hair topper for advanced hair loss

Top Coverage Wavy is best for those looking for the full coverage of a wig and the natural look of our SmartLace™ design while giving the option to incorporate biological hair into any style. This clip-in wavy synthetic topper is designed for those in the advanced stage of hair loss and creates coverage and volume in seconds. The polyurethane tape on the front and sides allows the clips to be removed and adhesive to be applied. Available in lengths of 12 and 18 inches.

Lady showing the before and after wearing the top coverage wavy.

Private Hair Topper Fittings in South Africa

We offer Private Hair Topper Fittings. Let’s assist you to find the right hair topper from the comfort of your home at a time and date that suits you.

Lady having a remote hair topper consultation

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We would like to take a look at the beautiful stories our wig wearers shared with us in the past year. Thank you so much for opening up about the hair we wear along with sharing your experiences and allowing us to share them with the world. The following stories will inspire you to make a change today.

Vanessa says the following about the hair we wear

18 months ago I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. Following the devastation of losing all my hair including my eyebrows and lashes, I then developed Atopic Eczema over 90% of my body. These were hugely dark and life-altering times for me and at my lowest points I felt it was very hard for me to live. A woman’s hair is something that is an enormous part of her beauty, character, identity, femininity and essential for some camouflage” – Vanessa

kellie added the following about trying on a wig

If I had to offer advice to anyone thinking about buying a wig I would say – try a wig on before you buy!  Find a good wig stocklist and work out what style you feel comfortable with (or even a range of styles – don’t be afraid to have new looks!).  Once you get past the initial fear of wearing a wig it can be so much fun – let’s face it, how else could you get a perfect head of hair, a new look, salon-style and colour in a length and shape of your choice? ” – Kellie

amanda about the hair we wear

The only thing that matters to me right now is that I am comfortable with the way I look and the person I am. I wasted too many years of my life concerned about what someone would think of me if I revealed my secret that I was wearing wigs. Those were years where I didn’t do sports, didn’t go swimming, didn’t dance, and panicked every time the doorbell rang and my wig wasn’t on my head. I am a much happier person with my secret out there and it has given me the ability to be someone different every day. How great is that?!” – Amanda

nellie adding further advice about wearing a wig

My advice for a new wig wearer would be to allow yourself time to adjust. Give yourself a break and then become whoever you want to be! Jon Renau wigs will give you your confidence back and with their huge selection of wigs and colours you can become a new woman every day of the week!” – Nellie

maja think the following about the hair we wear

Don’t hold on to the old you! Let it go. Even if your hair comes back, the experience you had have changed you anyways! Don’t waste your energy trying to look like you used to look before. You are wasting your time! Take the chance and all your energy to create something new, to find your peace with this situation. And if people look at you, look back at them and smile. It will make you happier than you were before!” – Maja

jennie shares her hair loss journey caused by alopecia

I have had alopecia for over 15 years. I lost all of my hair about a year ago. Before losing all of my hair I just had patchy hair loss which I covered with careful styling, hair extensions, and/or headbands. I even would glue hair to my bald scalp in places. Injections worked for a while but they were painful, stressful, and didn’t prevent new spots from appearing. Buying my first Jon Renau wig made me confident enough to stop covering the inevitable and let nature do its thing” – Jennie

jamie about the hair we wear

I think that for anyone in a situation like mine, where a wig is a necessity rather than a choice, it takes some getting used to and you have to find your own way with it. Try as many as you can, but I am a HUGE advocate of the lace front wigs, specifically Jon Renau!” – Jaime

carly shares her hair loss story with you

I have been wearing wigs on and off throughout my hair loss years. My very first wig when I was 11 was hideous!! I am so glad that over the years wigs have improved so much and are an absolute joy to wear! I love changing my look every day, although sometimes I just can’t decide who I’m going to be….blonde bombshell or fiery redhead, long, short, straight or curly!” – Carly

shelley talks about her alopecia areata

I started to first lose my hair a year ago but was officially diagnosed with alopecia areata in February of this year. I lost my hair very fast and it was very overwhelming. I remember handfuls of hair and just crying in panic and fear. Finally making the decision to shave the rest of my hair off and start to wear wigs was daunting at first but ended up being the best decision I could have made” – Shelly

lori and how conflicted she was when her hair started falling out

When I went to my first doctor’s visit, I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. I was very conflicted.  So thankful my diagnosis wasn’t life threatening.  Yet with every handful that fell out, I mourned the loss of me.  Losing my eyebrows and eyelashes was by far the most painful emotionally.  I truly felt like an alien.  I got to the point where I only had a few stragglers on my head, which looked like straw … yellow and dead.  I had my husband shave the last little bit off.  I wanted the loss to stop.  He shaved his head as well.  We celebrated the new Me! Bare, bold and beautiful!” – Lori

shannon and her thinning hair

While I’ve always had really thin hair, my hair loss accelerated at the beginning of 2015 when I stopped taking birth control pills to try and become pregnant. After over a year of not getting a cycle, I was prescribed fertility treatments, which only accelerated my hair loss. I ended up losing around 70% of the hair I once had. It was devastating at first and I went through many nights of crying over my hair loss coupled with not being able to get pregnant. When I found wigs, the worries of my hair loss were resolved” – Shannon

the hair we wear – private fittings inside a wig boutique

Visit our bespoke wig boutique and try on various styles in comfort and in complete privacy. Alternatively, we can offer you virtual consultations in the comfort of your own home.

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How to Care For your Wig – Step by Step Guide

How to Care For your Wig – Step by Step Guide

Wigs are an investment, rather than one-off wear, and chuck it when it looks shabby! It is important to care for your wig to increase its longevity! Here are a few tips and awesome products that will assist to care for your wig.

A STEP BY STEP – Caring for your synthetic wig

  1. Be gentle when you brush your wig. Rather use a special brush over a regular hairbrush. And don’t brush it too often. You can find the perfect Jon Renau Paddle Wig brush for your wig at Wigs.co.za.
  2. Try not to wear your wig when you are sitting at home. Pop it on your wig stand and let it have a rest. If you feel naked or cold without your wig on, try some of these gorgeous turbanswrapshats or softies from our Headwear Collection.
  3. Take care when washing your wig. Pat, it dry gently and don’t wring it out. Use good products to protect the wig and give it the shine of natural human hair. Take a look at the Jon Renau wig care products to find the perfect match for your wig.

Caring for your heat defiant wig

Heat resistant synthetic fiber is available in full and partial systems (wigs and toppers) in our Heat Defiant (HD) Collections at Wigs.co.za. This type of fiber can tangle and frizz easily. It is important to remedy any tangling daily.

  1. At the end of every wear, place your heat-resistant wig/ topper on its block.
  2. Use the HD Smooth Detangler in the nape area and/or the ends. This product is recommended for daily use. It is important to stay away from all hand-tied areas of the cap; conditioners, detanglers, and oil-based products will loosen the hand-tied knots, causing hair loss in the system.
  3. Only use your Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb to gently remove any tangles; always comb starting at the bottom and work your way up through the hair length.
  4. These wigs need heat to smooth the frizzing. Use your flat iron to apply heat to smooth out the ends. This will ensure its longevity.
Infographic how to care for your wig

Caring for your human hair wig guide

  1. Take your wig off and place it on its block when you are not wearing it. It is recommended to wash your human hair wig every 6-8 wears.
  2. Wash the wig with cool to lukewarm water and your favourite Jon Renau wig care shampoo and conditioner. Take care when towel drying the wig, blot it gently and do not wring it out.
  3. Place your wig on its block and blow it out with our specially formulated Jon Renau Blown Away Balm.
  4. Speak to any of our EasiHair Pro Salons / Jon Renau stockists, who are trained to help you care for your wig/ topper. Your local stylist can be found using our online store locator.

A healthy-looking wig starts with proper care. Our wig shampoos and conditioners, styling products, brushes, wig liners, and adhesives are engineered to ensure the prolonged life of your wigs and hairpieces.


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Affordable Wigs in South Africa

How to care for your wig – Watch the Video Below


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Keep up with the latest hair trends, with a simple flick of an alternative hairpiece.

Keep up with the latest hair trends, with a simple flick of an alternative hairpiece.

Jon Renau Wigs Creating Hair Trends for Women around the world

Do we really have to chop off our gorgeous locks to succumb to the latest bob hair trends? Or do we have to spend years trying to grow our hair? It is fast becoming the norm to have a few wigs in your wardrobe, just like any other accessory! So just like you would grab a handbag to suit your outfit, pop on a new look each day to suit your mood! So, with a simple flick of your new alternative hairpiece, you can now create the latest hair trend and wig styles.

We take a look at some of this year’s hottest hair trends and in keeping up to date with a few of our gorgeous wigs to create the look in an instant!

Be it short, long, smooth or wavy locks that you are after, our alternative hair collection has the perfect piece for everyone! Wigs.co.za is the South African Jon Renau online store where you can browse and order your perfect wig or hairpiece in the comfort of your own home. If you prefer to try on the wigs, please make an appointment with our friendly and highly experienced style consultants in our salon. Click on the images below to view the products on www.Wigs.co.za 

designer wigs for women with hair loss


Carefree wavy layers lend a spritely air to this stunning short style. The SmartLace front creates the illusion of a natural hairline for amazing hair trends in women.

Create hair trends with the Blonde Jon Renau January Wig


Julianne is one of our most celebrated lace front wigs for her effortless beach waves and asymmetrical style. Her nearly invisible lace front and hand-tied mono top allow for ultra-natural multi-directional styling.

Julianne Wig is super stlish


Delicately razored layers add sassy punch to this poised shag. The hand-tied mono top provides multi-directional styling and supreme comfort inside the cap.

Setting a new hair trend with a Jon Renau Short style Meg wig


Layers of luxury are our crown jewel. Artisan wigmakers hand-tie each strand of Remy human hair — the highest quality available. A 100% hand-tied SmartLace stretch cap compliments the 100% Remy Human Hair. Therefore, creating the perfect look and feel with limitless styling possibilities with it’s lustrous, natural hair. Available in Petite and Regular capsizes.

Create your own hair trends with the blake human hair wig by Jon Renau South Africa

Fascinations Hair has a solution for all types of hair. They are Jon Renau South Africa and distribute wigs, toppers, extensions and all Jon Renau product ranges. You can visit www.wigs.co.za to view the full collection, book a private consultation or order online.

The Fascinations Hair, Jon Renau, and Eaishair Pro Blog

All the tips, tricks and advice you need to get the very best from your alternative hair investment.

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